Social content marketing: content tips for LinkedIn

We often forget it but all social media channels have their own specific characteristics and types of usage. While most of us ‘simply’ share content on social platforms, we can do much better if we also optimize our content for those platforms. A few content tips for LinkedIn, increasingly an important player in the content marketing space itself.

Just as we don’t only optimize content for search engines, we don’t only optimize for social content marketing and networking platforms such as LinkedIn. However, when adding some context to what we share on LinkedIn or even by creating content within LinkedIn by tapping into the nature and usage of the king of social content marketing platforms for business, we can achieve a lot.

Referring to the optimization for search engines example (optimize for people first), it’s at least as important to write, create, present, share and optimize content for the LinkedIn user and more specifically the people you are targeting for one reason or the other, for instance in LinkedIn Groups and even on your LinkedIn profile. Continue reading “Social content marketing: content tips for LinkedIn”