Industry news/analysis: Cision launches content marketing software

Create a story-source Cision content marketing
Create a story-source Cision content marketing

Cision, mainly known in the PR, media and communications industry enters the content marketing software market.

The company already offered solutions for PR professionals, including CRM tools for PR management, influencer lists, editorial calendars (media outreach), all-round media monitoring (including social and online) and media analysis tools.

As content marketing is the hot topic among PR professionals in a PR 2.0 world as well, it could be expected new content marketing software platforms would be added to the already vast landscape.

Content marketing has changed: deal with it

Until now most content marketing software focused on content management, integrated B2B content marketing, content optimization, content curation, content sourcing, content enrichment and content planning, flows, multi-channel scheduling and analytics.

Yet, the landscape keeps changing as “content” is recognized as being essential in virtually all marketing and even business functions. It’s clear content marketing is changing continuously too in this regard. Along with SEO, PR and communications is among the areas and even industries where content marketing is hotter than hot. When looking at the search engine results for content marketing, you’ll notice the SEO industry is taking over. Content is more essential than ever for SEO but content marketing is not the new SEO and SEO is more than content marketing.

With the rapid adoption of content marketing by PR professionals in PR 2.0, the presence of content in this industry can hardly be ignored anymore. At a recent conference by Ragan Communications, virtually all presentations revolved around storytelling and content marketing.

We are now far removed from the original B2B context of content marketing with social media marketing, PR and SEO as important drivers of the increased attention for content marketing and the content marketing software space. The holistic view on content marketing involves far more than what it used to.

Content marketing software for PR: introducing Cision’s content marketing solution

Obviously, content has always been essential in the work of PR professionals and communicators. Blogging, for instance, was one of the content marketing tactics that was rapidly embraced by PR professionals.

With the launch of a new content marketing suite , Cision “brings content marketing to PR”. Cision’s new content marketing suite aims, I quote, “to help you create stories that can be shared on social sites, amplify those stories on top publisher sites like Time, USA Today, TMZ and Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and analyze the results of your campaigns.”

This is not your content marketing in a buyer journey context anymore: it’s media and PR.

A look at the website of Cision’s content marketing suite shows that the platform mainly covers PR-related content marketing activities with three main functions:

  • Create Content.
  • Amplify content.
  • Measure the results.

The content creation dimension revolves around stories and individual content items.

It allows users to:

  • Pull together blog posts, articles, papers, infographics, etc. into the solution. Cision then takes care of lay-out and the content can be scheduled.
  • Turn the key points of the content or stories into social pitches that – obviously – can be shared over social networks.
  • Upload all their multimedia content and use it within a piece of content. On top of the social dimension, the use of multimedia has always been important in PR 2.0.
  • Have their own social newsroom – an invention by the social media and PR industry – on the Cision news site and optionally integrate it within their site.

The social newsroom and the storytelling perspective

Given the media, PR and outreach background of Cision, the content amplification aspect plays a predominant role, as does the analytics and media measurement part. Cision claims its’ network reaches over 200 million people per month and serves up over 2 billion recommendations per day.

Is this content marketing? Well, yes it is as content marketing is now more than ever an umbrella term that’s adopted for different purposes and business functions.

You can request a Cision content marketing software suite demo here. The strength of the suite is of course the fact that it offers a content marketing suite for communicators, connected with the other platforms of this leader in the PR market. And Cision’s strength is its’ established place in the PR industry.

Below is a video announcing the solution. The video starts with a content marketing definition as you will certainly have heard it before and refers to Google’s – nowadays inevitable – “Zero Moment of the Truth”. After this introduction on content marketing the conclusion is: “that’s what PR and communication professionals have been doing for a long time”.

True. Brace yourself for more storytelling as a strategy rather than just a technique to create content.


Author: J-P De Clerck

J-P is the founder of i-SCOOP. Born and based in Belgium, he likes to share information, thoughts, inspiration and anything regarding the convergence of marketing, management, customer-centricity, publishing, digital technologies, psychology, transformation, optimization, media and IT - in the hope it serves you. The mentioned areas are those he has been active in since 1992 as a marketer, a consultant, a publisher and a trainer. Connect on Twitter via @conversionation.

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