HootSuite and ContentGems social content integration: review/analysis

Setting up your HootSuite streams per ContentGems interest
Setting up your HootSuite streams per ContentGems interest

As you can read in our review of content curation software ContentGems, it was already possible to share content from within ContentGems (previously called Intigi) via HootSuite (and Buffer). Now, ContentGems is also available in the app directory of HootSuite (along with two other new apps HootSuite integrated) and that is an interesting and very smart evolution. Analysis and review.

If you haven’t read the ContentGems review before: ContentGems is a content curation platform with, among many others, the possibility to define your content sources and organize them in folders and topics of interest. On top of the proposed content sources, you can also add your own ones.

There is a possibility to connect directly with your content management system, mainly for blogs. Integrations include WordPress, Blogger, ExpressionEngine and Business Catalyst.

Once you have defined your topics of interest and added your sources for a customized content souring dashboard, the suggested content shows when you click one of your topics or folders (which can include several topics). When you notice a content item you would like to share or use for your blog, you can click the sharing arrow on the right-hand side of it. In the example below you notice we clicked to share a blog post by Valeria Maltoni titled ‘CMOs Play Greater Role in Delivering Customer experiences‘ on her blog Conversation Agent.

Sharing content from within ContentGems using HootSuite
Sharing content from within ContentGems using HootSuite

The sharing options we have are, among others email, Pocket, Buffer, and indeed, HootSuite.

More ways to share content from ContentGems via HootSuite and other platforms include:

Using the ContentGems bar when reading/viewing the content

Instead of clicking the sharing button on the right-hand side, clicking the title of the content you plan to share or curate one way or the other. This allows you to read the content (which you really should do) and share it via the bar that appears on top of the content as in the screenshot below (see the red square).

Sharing a blog post with the ContentGems sharing bar on top of the content
Sharing a blog post with the ContentGems sharing bar on top of the content

Adding the “Share via ContentGems’ bookmarklet or the “Share via ContentGems Chrome Extension”.

Most content marketing software we have tested so far and that involves sharing, social and/or curation (not all reviews are written yet) such as List.ly, Flip.it, the sharing functions of HubSpot, Scoop.it, consumer platform Pinterest, etc., as well as most social media platforms allow you to use bookmarklets as you can see in this screenshot of our own “bar”. This sends you and the content to the platfom of your choice. But what if you could do it the other way around? Even if most of the mentioned bookmarklets work perfectly, there is a strong link between sourcing, sharing, curating and social.

Sharing bookmarklets
Sharing bookmarklets

With HootSuite rapidly becoming the prominent player in the field of social media management tools overall (all kinds of users), many of us use it (or other social media platforms) anyway. De facto you are within the HootSuite environment several times (if you’re a user of course) per week or even day.

Content sourcing, sharing and curation in HootSuite

And that’s exactly what HootSuite and ContentGems now offer: integration. Content curation platform ContentGems has joined the ranks of connected apps within HootSuite so that from now on you can share the content your ContentGems configuration offers you appears within a HootSuite tab (or stream) if you connect both.

To do that, you simply go to your HootSuite dashboard, look up ContentGems in the list of applications, enter the details of your ContentGems dashboard and select a topic of interest which then gets added to an ‘Interest Stream’. Of course you can create several interest streams. The result? You now get your list of content that might be interesting to share, curate or simply…read within HootSuite and do all the things with it HootSuite enables you to do such as sharing.

I think this is a very smart move of HootSuite and ContentGems as it benefits – and promotes – both, adapts to the reality of the social media teams or individuals using HootSuite and also is an answer to a fast growing niche of new social content sourcing and curation platforms which we’re reviewing as well.

The ContentGems tab in HootSuite with different content topics
The ContentGems tab in HootSuite with different content topics

HootSuite now gets even more interesting for (social) content marketing as it already connects with several platforms that are used by many (content) marketers or digital marketers, including HubSpot (for customers, of course), SalesForce, Storify, Blogger, YouTube, SurveyMonkey, Yammer, content curation tool Scoop.it, MailChimp, Nimble CRM, Chartbeat and many more (there is even a content market place).

Smart move and a sign of how social media and content marketing increasingly overlap in the content marketing software space (they already overlap a lot in the reality of the “modern” content marketing approach where social, SEO, etc. play a growing role).

Read our ContentGems review here.


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