Where is the value of content marketing?

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After the first dot-com bust, “content is king” was the rallying cry of any competent Web worker. Back then this revelation was novel online. Soon after, this mantra became a cliché. As it often goes with clichés, they start out as something true and meaningful. Eventually, the words become common, outlive their value, and are so overused that they’re easily ignored. But what is content, content marketing and the value of it all?

Saying content is king is the equivalent of saying money is valuable; it’s true but obvious. Tell that to the even the most mentally challenged Web marketer today, and you’ll likely get a, “Duh, where have you been?” in return.

Nobody needs to be told content is of value. But how valuable is it? Because there isn’t a $1, $5, or $10 denomination stamped on the front of Web content, it’s often difficult to know exactly how valuable content is to your company. Also, knowing content’s value isn’t the same as knowing how to create it, market it or even how to use it. Continue reading “Where is the value of content marketing?”

Social content marketing: content tips for LinkedIn

We often forget it but all social media channels have their own specific characteristics and types of usage. While most of us ‘simply’ share content on social platforms, we can do much better if we also optimize our content for those platforms. A few content tips for LinkedIn, increasingly an important player in the content marketing space itself.

Just as we don’t only optimize content for search engines, we don’t only optimize for social content marketing and networking platforms such as LinkedIn. However, when adding some context to what we share on LinkedIn or even by creating content within LinkedIn by tapping into the nature and usage of the king of social content marketing platforms for business, we can achieve a lot.

Referring to the optimization for search engines example (optimize for people first), it’s at least as important to write, create, present, share and optimize content for the LinkedIn user and more specifically the people you are targeting for one reason or the other, for instance in LinkedIn Groups and even on your LinkedIn profile. Continue reading “Social content marketing: content tips for LinkedIn”

Inspired thinking on content marketing: 7 tips

Lee Odden at the Fusion Marketing Experience
Lee Odden one of our events

I read a great post on the blog of Lee Odden. Lee polled five other thought leaders in content marketing and social media for their insight. It’s wonderful to read a common theme in the messages from these folks about content marketing.

Pretty much everything they said resonated with me and a lot of what they said are things I’ve been saying too. I’m not claiming credit or suggesting I said any of it first! I’m just saying it’s nice to know (really nice) that some very smart people seem to agree.

If you aren’t following the folks in Lee’s post already, I strongly recommend you do so! Continue reading “Inspired thinking on content marketing: 7 tips”