Bryan Eisenberg: how social has impacted content

ryan Eisenberg at one of our conferences
ryan Eisenberg at one of our conferences

Content is ‘hot’ and it should be after having been neglected for all too long. It is so ‘hot’ that these days we even talk about content marketing. Obviously, we shouldn’t focus too much on the content itself but on the value it offers, both for people seeking information and preparing their buying journey, as for the bottom-line. Context matters more than content.

A while back I interviewed Bryan Eisenberg – in May for the second time a keynote speaker at the Fusion Marketing Experience – and one of the topics we talked about was content, more specifically how it is affected by the whole social media evolution.

Why people create content

Bryan said the most obvious thing is that social media have shown the content gap that companies have neglected for so long. An important effect of social media is that people now create content themselves.

According to Bryan, consumers create content for two reasons:

  1. The company failed to adequately answer the questions they have.
  2. Consumers are excited (positively or negatively) about the company’s offering.

Bryan Eisenberg: “That’s why consumers are more credible than the company. It is only because companies have spent so many years hyping up their ‘value’ that the consumer BS meter has gone into overdrive, and we count on advice from others like us that we can trust. The fact is companies that learn how to leverage social media or voice of the customer effectively can see increase their conversion rates”.

I also asked Bryan what he thought about the evolutions regarding content in a ‘social age’.

Bryan Eisenberg: “The one main change has been the length of content has changed. We’re in a world that loves micro blogging and status updates. In the 60s, copywriters used to say that copy should be like a woman’s skirt, short enough to be interesting but long enough to cover the essentials. I think that skirt would be mighty short today”.

Bryan Eisenberg on content sharing and actionable content
Bryan Eisenberg on content sharing and actionable content

Content across channels

Finally, I asked Bryan about the role of content in one of the many channels marketers still often use, despite the rapid increase of other interaction channels; email. What is the main differentiator to achieve better conversion with email marketing?

Bryan Eisenberg: “Email marketing is the mule of Internet marketing. It may not be that sexy any more, but it continues to deliver results day after day. You should continue to focus on developing great content and make it easy to share”.

Content and sharing. Both require an action from your « audience », whether it’s on email, social, the mobile Web, etc. So: make sure your content is valuable and touches those little triggers inside people’s mind that make them want to share it and act upon it. Get social with your content.

Author: J-P De Clerck

J-P is the founder of i-SCOOP. Born and based in Belgium, he likes to share information, thoughts, inspiration and anything regarding the convergence of marketing, management, customer-centricity, publishing, digital technologies, psychology, transformation, optimization, media and IT - in the hope it serves you. The mentioned areas are those he has been active in since 1992 as a marketer, a consultant, a publisher and a trainer. Connect on Twitter via @conversionation.

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