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People like lists. And they like list blogs. It shows, each time. Just check out this list of best content marketing blogs we created. And there’s a very deep psychological reason behind it. In fact there are several. Comfort and reassurance are just two of them. People also like being on lists. It doesn’t pay the bills. But it’s nice.

We all get listed now and then. Take Twitter lists, for instance, one of the most underused features of Twitter. I get listed sometimes too. And so do my blogs. Like this one. This week Ted Rubin was kind enough to put us in a List.ly list. And Tom Pick, who often makes lists (with love and depth), added us a few times too like on this blogging guide list. Nice for the ego. Nothing wrong with an ego. As long as you can let it go now and then. And nice for the people looking for lists as they are what matters most. People I mean, not lists.

Skeptics like lists too

Sometimes I’m a bit skeptical about lists. But I make them myself now and then, like the above mentioned crowdsourced list of content marketing blogs, for instance. As long as it helps and serves, right? Or the one with some people we (and you) believe provide good content marketing advice. I’m most skeptical about “top” this or that lists in “my line of business”, digital business, including content marketing. Sometimes they’re a bit, well, too easy and obvious. And that has nothing to do with being on them or not. There are good ones and less good ones. According to me. But relevance is in the eye of the beholder, right? I’m most skeptical about “ultimate” lists. Because there’s nothing beyond ultimate.

I’m glad to be on a list today because it’s a vote of confidence and appreciation for what in the end is just sharing information about content marketing – that hopefully makes sense – for the sake of sharing, Once with the Twitter account of this blog and once with my personal Twitter account. Darn, I’m even proud. I humbly thank the folks appreciating what we do and what this blog, that was just launched this year, does. I humbly congratulate the others on the list. I humbly recognize that being on a list called “Content Marketing 50: The Top 50 Content Marketing Resources on Twitter” says nothing about real-life expertise, my number one priority, far before ‘social influence’ and whatnot.

But I’m proud anyway. I’m human. See. I told you that lists work.

Top 48 content marketing resources on Twitter

We're on a list
We’re on a list

The list was made by EContent Magazine, based on votes as said. I noticed they didn’t link to the Twitter profiles of the people that were listed. That’s perfectly OK. But it’s an opportunity to give something back somehow and – if you look well – you’ll notice that most of the lists we make highlight others because we believe in that. So, below is the list of the others listed with a link so you can follow them. Oh, and add your favorite Twitter sources regarding content marketing too because no list is ever perfect.

In the end, the best lists are by and for you. So, again, thanks to those who voted. And it’s OK to like lists. Most people do. And they work.

The Top 48 Content Marketing Resources on Twitter (could hardly include myself and this blog) with links (and according to EContent Magazine):

Up to you now. Add at will.

Update: in the meantime, the article on EContent Magazine links to the Twitter profiles too so by all means: check it out.

A list of blog posts on lists

Oh, and as I’m totally in the list mood, below is a list with blog posts on writing lists. Add your favorite blog posts on lists below or simply check them out. I’m not being skeptical, I know many people love lists and I love sharing. Why else would we create some now and then? And they take time, trust me. Except this one, it was based on a simple and fast search so go ahead, it’s yours. Community, remember?

Happy listing, follow the folks you like on the list of Econtent Magazine and enjoy the Summer.


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