Joost de Valk on blog and content marketing SEO basics

Joost de Valk
Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk believes passionately in the open source model. You might be able to describe him as a “geek hippie”, but he describes himself as a “geek marketeer”. He’s a WordPress wizard and SEO sage.

However, despite this undisputable fame regarding WordPress and SEO, Joost is really a customer-centric conversion and content marketing specialist, according to Fusion Marketing Experience organizer J-P De Clerck.

In this post we look at Joost’s view and presentation on blogging and SEO. According to Joost, there’s a pretty simple equation to succeeding with content marketing. Use WordPress, use the right SEO plugin and post good content. Sure, you need lots of links to get a good Google rank, but those links will come if you have the basics of SEO and content down. Continue reading “Joost de Valk on blog and content marketing SEO basics”

Inspired thinking on content marketing: 7 tips

Lee Odden at the Fusion Marketing Experience
Lee Odden one of our events

I read a great post on the blog of Lee Odden. Lee polled five other thought leaders in content marketing and social media for their insight. It’s wonderful to read a common theme in the messages from these folks about content marketing.

Pretty much everything they said resonated with me and a lot of what they said are things I’ve been saying too. I’m not claiming credit or suggesting I said any of it first! I’m just saying it’s nice to know (really nice) that some very smart people seem to agree.

If you aren’t following the folks in Lee’s post already, I strongly recommend you do so! Continue reading “Inspired thinking on content marketing: 7 tips”